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Yes, it is almost the first of January of 2014.

Welcome everybody to a new year. Hope you had a great christmas and new years eve. In this year my focus will be on beauty. So you can read a lot of funny secrets about beauty and hints for creating your own beauty products and today I want to start by telling you how you can create your own peeling / body scrub in four different ways for different skins.


Peeling for normal skins

Those who have a normal skin and want to do something good for their skin you can do a body scrub by yourself. This one removes dead skin and cleanses the skin. In addition the ingredients ensure that the skin is soothed and supple.

You need:

1 tabelspoon of cottage cheese
1 tabelspoon of honey
1 tabelspoon of sugar

The three ingredients were stirred together until a paste is formed which is coated with circular and determing motions on the skin until the skin feels clean. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Scrub for pimples

A skin peeling for pimples is made with yeast and milk.

You need:

1 tabelspoon of flaxseed
1 tabelspoon half piece of baker’s yeast and some milk.

These ingredients are blended together until a paste is formed sähmige. The yeast must be a case completely dissolve which is easier if the milk was warmed up before. The paste is applied to the skin and is due to move up to 15 minutes.

Scrub for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin , a scrub made from sea salt and olive oil is suitable .

For this you need :
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons of sea salt

The ingredients are stirred to give a thick paste which is then applied to the skin. The coarse sea salt cleanses the pores and disinfects at the same time. The olive oil makes for a calm the skin while making it supple.

Vitamin – Winter Scrub

If you want to do in the winter time a vitamin peeling itself requires :

1 half , grated apple
2 teaspoons honey
2 teaspoons poppy seeds

These ingredients are stirred into a paste and massaged for about a minute on the face. Thereafter, the mask is about 15 minutes on the face. A real vitamin bomb for winter - stressed skin.


Have fun in doing the scrubs / peelings and have a wonderful rest day of New Year.

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  2. At last you are! We missed you greatly! :-)